You collected 12,800 pounds of food on Saturday!

Even in the doldrums of the summer, 700 generous donors in the Cool, Green Bag Brigade provided almost 13,000 pounds of food and toiletries on Saturday. Thanks go to the 47 drivers and their assistants, plus the 27 volunteers who unloaded and sorted the food at the pantries. This month I would like to recognize all of the drivers, who are listed below.

An extra big thank you goes to Bob Park who organized the Shouse Village Swim Team to collect 300 pounds of food for A Simple Gesture. You can see a great article about it in the Reston Connection at:

These are the 47 wonderful drivers who drove this week:

Michelle Amsbary
Greg Becker
Deb Carstoiu
Jacqueline Cooperman
Celia Dallas
Lilyan Dickerson
Tom Drake
John and Christina Duffy
Francine Freedman
Kte Finkelstein
Alexandra Frith
Amy Fujii
Bethany Gebauer
Sue Granlund
Allan Hoffman
Janna Kirr
Barb Kline
Shashi Kuppa
Tom Lenke
Art Light
Katie Luce
Becky Marsh
Kathy Matay
Carter McGowan
Maura McKnight
Steve McNally
Dan Moldover
Anne Morton
Joy Myers
Vickie Nitschke
Diane Norman
Marsha Peters
Karen Peterson
Kristin Piazza
Margo Pryzby
Roz Rakoff
Nanette Relave
Jacob Rosenblum
Len Rosenblum
Sheila Sandford
Don Schaefer
Sharon Stettner
Chris Temple
Winslow and Brad Wacker
Nicole Wigen
Tom and Jody Wolfe
Gary Wortman

A Simple Gesture can send you a text message the day before and you can reply to let us know if you will not be able to place a bag out. To enroll, just reply to this email and send us your cellphone number. It’s okay to skip a pickup, but each household that doesn’t let us know in advance impacts our volunteer drivers’ efforts.

Please remember, the next pick-up is on Saturday October 6.

Your generosity was demonstrated on Saturday with the bags overflowing with food and supplies. Keep up the great work!