We’ve collected over 100,000 pounds of food since June 2015!!

As remarkable as it may seem, you have contributed to “A Simple Gesture” delivering over 100,000 pounds of food since its inception just 2-1/2 years ago. Saturday’s haul came from over 600 donors and brought in over 12,000 pounds of food. As you see, filling your single bag six times a year does make a difference.

On Saturday, we had 48 drivers and their assistants and 13 pantry volunteer workers. We offer a big thank you to all of them.

If you would like a reminder text message the day before the pick-up, just reply to this email along with your cellphone number.

Talk to your friends and neighbors, or put a short note into your neighborhood newsletter to tell them about A Simple Gesture. By having more donors within the same neighborhood, our drivers can be more efficient. Those who are interested can visit our website at www.CoolGreenBag.org and automatically sign-up. When they do, we will deliver a cool, green bag directly to their house.

Your generosity is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work!